Money Please

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Money Please

Post  andiweaves on Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:46 am

Hello peeps Very Happy

Again a big thank you to everyone who sponsored Mikey to do his jump. As you know due to the weather he was unable to do it, but its been re-booked for Monday 25/07/11.

I know lots of you will not be able to come and watch as its a week day, but i will be there to watch, and we have paid for it to be recorded, so everyone can come round to our house and watch it and rib Mike as much as you like Laughing

In total Mikey's group from work raised £1500.00 which is a great amount of money. So as its the meet tomorrow can i ask that you part with your cash and pay your sponsor money. I will have the form on me if you can not remember what you sponsored.

Again thanks so much, everyone of us in this club always digs deep for charity, so you should all feel be very proud of yourselves.


Andi & Mikey


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Re: Money Please

Post  ben on Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:41 am

i reckon he did a rain dance before we got there...
If i forget to say, have fun dude!
Andi, cant remember if we paid yet or not but will have cash anyway.

anyone for cricket? what what?

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