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London - Brighton

Post  Nighttrain1974 on Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:17 am

Thought i'd stick this up here to see if anyone fancies it. This is copied straight from Bm-Dubz facebook page:

Hey Everyone,
BM-DUBZ is getting together with my other car clubs,ESSEX RSOC,PASSION FORD N.LONDON, PASSION JAP, to do a LONDON-ESSEX to BRIGHTON run on Saturday 15th October.
Should be a fantastic turnout and a great drive down there,stopping halfway for chat and drink. Its not a race its a nice run with a whole load of different types of cars including cossies,M3's, Skylines, Vw and many more type of cars. Like I said its NOT A RACE !! Meeting point will be Lakeside services and time to be decided soon. Hope some of you can show your support for BM-DUBZ and have a great evening.
I've had a massive response from other clubs I run and hope with this one too Chat soon, Alexis


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