1990 mk1 caddy

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1990 mk1 caddy

Post  Dubpete on Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:57 am

hi there.
looking to get a beetle now. so sadly have to sell the caddy. as have no room to keep 3 cars! so here it is its a 1.6 petrol mk1 caddy. the engine was from a golf and was put in a while back now. i got this caddy from my girlfreinds dad he used it as a main truck for years. then he got a transit. and this one was just left.
the battery on it isnt the best and when i charged it up it did manage to start the caddy first time. then think the battery has given up completly. i have tryed charging again and will try start it so people can hear it running.
i have bought new air filter, oil and oil filter and new tailgate. other than that i havnt done much too it. was planning on lowering but never did.
so its standard atm.
its white so good base colour for anyone.
needs a bit of love from someone who knows what to do and then it should be a good truck again.
my girlfreinds dad said it always went through an mot.
i can see that it will need scuttle and a small hole on bed welded for its mot i think. and new tyres as they are all very old and just gone legal limit i think.
if you know of anyone who wants it let me know.
also may possibly have a 1987 vespa up for sale.
not sure on a price so was gunna say £500
what do people think? worth more or less?
here are some pitures.

test fitted another bonnet but its a mk2 golf one but looks cool!

new tailgate


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