Macmillian collection day 26th Aug.

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Macmillian collection day 26th Aug.

Post  Flying Tomato ! on Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:31 pm

Hi guys i had a phone call from Liz at Macmillian to ask if as a club would we be up for doing a collection for them on Fri 26th Aug. It will be in Sainsburys in Maidstone we would be there all day with collection pots, bag packing or doing anything else we can think of to raise money for them. I understand its summer holidays and some of you may be away but if anyone would be up for this let me know. You dont have to do all day maybe just give an hour or two any little would be a great help. Did think maybe taking a few club vws and having a show section in carpark with club banner and taking our calendars to sell too. Just let me know whos up for it ask your friends too they dont have to be in club, kids welcome too. So come on whos going to come and shake their pots for Macmillian ? Laughing
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